6 Tips That Are Proven To Immediately Create Better Product Formulations

Better Product Formulations for tonics, salves, balms or creams (or any other creation) happen when you need to consider the 3 w’s…

What is it I am hoping to achieve? 

Why am I making this formulation? 

Who do I anticipate benefiting from my product? 

Candice Jernegan

Exploring all of your options is something to spend your time doing.  Maybe it is just yourself you need to help, maybe it’s your dog!  Nonetheless I believe it is important to establish a clear intention when creating. 

Once you have your intention set it is time to consider what your main base is going to be for your product.  It differs depending on what you’re going to create.  If you are interested in creating a tonic or tincture you may consider hemp seed oil, MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil), or olive oil.  If you are pondering making a salve or cream, maybe you consider using a vitamin C cream base, coconut oil, jojoba or avocado oil

Some firm bases I have explored are Mango butter, shea butter & cocoa butter.  All of which have supreme texture and density, adding the desired constitution you may be looking for.  If need be you can use beeswax to firm up your oils.  An important ingredient to consider is your CBD.  It can easily be blended with any of these listed ingredients.  In my truth it is the holistic involvement of all the ingredients acting together that creates the ultimate creation!

At Garden Om Hemp Company there are many ways of accessing your CBD.  Consider what you are formulating and ask yourself, what form of CBD is best for my project. 

  • Does it need to be water soluble? 
  • Do I want to use full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp seed oil extract?
  • Does my composition need to be THC free?

Consider that you have all of these options available & decide which suits your formula best.  You may want to consider allergies and who might be affected by your ingredients.  

You may or may not want to involve essential oils and/or terpenes.  Determining these is also a task.  And sometimes a difficult one.  It is important to evaluate your options in terms of scent and efficacy in treating your ailment or issue.  Some essential oils can have anti-inflammatory effects or you may desire a stress reliever. 

Ultimately, in my opinion, it is nice to have something pleasing to the senses.  Sometimes you have to stay open to your scents.  You may find that a certain terpene or essential oil has a specific effect you are looking for, but you may not necessarily love the smell.  You may consider using more than one to mask the scent of another or to enhance an already existing smell. 

My healing Salve

One of my favorite things to make is healing salve.  Especially during the Covid19 quarantine, I found myself with cracks and rashes on my hands.  I had been washing and sanitizing so much that my skin was paying the price. 

My idea & my intention were set: create a salve that helps heal and soothe irritated, chapped, dry skin.  After researching my options for ingredients & their benefits in some of my herbal care books & on the internet, I came up with my original recipe for healing salve, thinking about 

  • not limiting myself to just cracked hands 
  • my friends & children who have uncomfortable and downright painful skin conditions
  • an all inclusive product that helped heal chapped skin and alleviate the symptoms of conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea & acne. 

Seemed like I had high aspirations at the time, but here I am now, mission accomplished!

Think about your favorite face cream, hand lotion, sunblock or serum

  1. What are the desirable traits about these products that make you enjoy them so much? 
  2. How does your creation feel when you scoop it out of its container?
  3. Does it smell pleasing? 
  4. Once you have put it on, does it soak in?
  5. Does it feel greasy or heavy?
  6. Do you still enjoy the scent once it is applied?

It might take mixing up a few batches before you discover your true recipe. You may find that you need to add less or more butter or wax, in order to achieve the texture you like. Sometimes I think I have all of my favorite essential oils that I assume will smell great together but once they’re mixed they are not exactly what I was looking for.

One thing’s for sure, formulating takes time & patience.  Do yourself the favor and do your homework.  You may surprise yourself and discover something that suits your needs that you had not considered using before.  Read labels and ingredients on your already existing favorite concoctions in your bathroom & kitchen!  You never know where you are going to find your inspiration.  

It is important to ensure that your product ingredients are fully incorporated with one another.  Sometimes this process includes heating, melting, stirring, homogenizing, or infusing.  It is important to have a stable and completely mixed product to ensure that you get the maximum benefits available in every use. 

Also something to make note of; when using heat while mixing mediums be careful to add the terpenes or essential oils at the end of your process.  Essential oils & terpenes are sensitive to heat and you do not want to lose to evaporation the fullness of your desired scent.

Here at Garden Om Hemp Company we are waiting to help you accomplish your goals.  Weather you’d like to help relieve anxiety, soothe cracked hands or alleviate dandruff, we are ready to invent!  

Let’s explore your options and start creating. 

We are all in this together.

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