Exclusive: The secrets behind Water Soluble full spectrum CBD

Water Soluble full spectrum CBD

Ever heard of things mixing like “oil & water?”  In this case the old cliche does not apply!

Water soluble, Full-spectrum CBD

Water Soluble full spectrum CBD oil begins its journey like most forms of hemp medicine, with the extraction of the flower of the plant to create our Hemp extract.

This can happen many ways; the most frequently used processes are Co2, Ethanol and cold pressed.

Extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant creates a thick resin-y, dense oil. Oil in the traditional sense will not dissolve in water. 

In fact oil repels water, try it out for yourself by adding oil to a glass of water, you’ll see that oil floats to the top of water.

Mixing oil and water…

No there are many ways to do this using a host of artificial man-made ingredients that no-one can pronounce🤮 – They are present in a lot of the foods you eat, but of course – That’s not what we do!

Using a natural process…

Since all of our products are 100% natural, and since we work hard to get the natural hemp power out of the plant it makes no sense to mess with it in any way.

Nanotized full spectrum oil in water

Pulverizing cannabinoids into nano-sizes, and combining them with an emulsifier & a carrier oil, is one way to create a water-soluble CBD.  

We produce our water soluble full spectrum CBD product through sonification.  By taking that full spectrum CBD and nanotizing with an emulsifier and water you get a pure product.

Sonification is the process by which we use sound frequencies to nano-emulsify the mixture.  This allows use of a “full spectrum”, rather than using isolate, a form of CBD that has been processed further into a powder and isolated as a single molecule.

We believe a full spectrum extract is the best way to harness the full potential the hemp plant has to offer.  The cannabinoids work better and more efficiently when they work together.  By nano emulsifying the product the particle sizes become smaller and more absorbable.  A full spectrum nano emulsified product is one of the best ways to ingest CBD products for wellness.

Most of our clients are producing beverages or water based products with our Water Soluble full spectrum CBD concentrate.  We have a large range of water soluble ingredients designed to be used for food, beverage, supplements and beauty industries. Standardized, clean-label, shelf-stable formulations of water-soluble hemp-derived cannabinoids that mix easily. 

Obtaining the highest quality ingredients are essential for optimal results with flavor, texture, mouth feel and holistic wellness benefits. Glad we are part of providing a water-soluble ingredient for our families, friends & clients that we can stand behind.    

Cheers to wellness, learning, and growing and taking care of each other!

Find out more about our water-soluble products, https://formulator.store/product-category/water-soluble-cbd/

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